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I am not dead…

Good grief!  I just noticed that I have not updated this blog in about a year.

Bad, bad Belfebe.

This does not mean in any way that I have abandoned my fitness goals and that I have stopped going to the gym and eating healthy.

Not in the least.

The thing is that I spent 40% of last year in foot braces, first because of the bunion surgery and then because I managed to break my other foot.  And while I could have blogged about the wonders of hobbling around in orthopedic boots, I was so fed up that I simply couldn’t bring myself to write about it.

So there.

So what am I up to these days? Still working out and figuring out my nutrition.  Currently, I am trying to put on weight in preparation for the next season.  As per coach’s instructions, I am eating as much as I can and lifting heavy.  Hopefully, that will get me to grow as much as I need before preparing for this year’s show.

“Wait! ” I’ve been asked. “What do you mean gaining weight? Wasn’t losing weight the whole point? Why do you want to gain it back?”

Hah! Not only I need to gain it back, but I probably need to put some extra.  The thing is, I need to build muscle mass before cutting fat for a show.  And you can’t put on muscle mass if you are not eating.

“But wouldn’t you get huge like a guy?”

Not really. Muscle is more compact than fat.  You can weigh more, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you get huge.

Exhibit A:  At this point I am 134 lbs, and I am heavier than I have been in years.  Yet, I can merrily zip my size 2 pants, no problem.  If I can get to weigh 150 and still zip my size 2 pants, I’d be golden.  But it would take a lot of time and effort to put on that kind of weight all on lean muscle.  So I take what I can get.

In the meantime, I am enjoying the eating more.  Once I get to diet for the show, I will miss the food.

This doesn’t mean that I am eating pecan pies and donuts to gain the weight.  That would not be helpful at all.  The whole point is to eat lean protein, lots of greens, plenty of complex carbs, and a good allotment of good fats.

Easier said than done.  Those kinds of foods are very low in calories and rich in nutrients.  So in order to pack the kinds of serious calories that I need to get in, I need to eat a lot in terms of volume.

It’s not easy being me.

But I like to eat, and like to lift.  I will enjoy it while I can.

Hah! 134 and still a size 2. I call that a win.

Hah! 134 and still a size 2. I call that a win.